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Wondering if you should hire a limousine service for your next big concert event? When you take into account the many logistical benefits and most importantly safety benefits a limousine service offers, hiring a limousine service is well worth the expense. A chauffeured limousine service eliminates the need to have a designated driver, ensuring everyone in your party can have an enjoyable time without the worry of drinking and driving. And you never have to worry about arriving late or finding a place to park. Pam’s Pretty Limousines is a locally owned and operated limousine company serving our clients in Chicago Illinois since 2008. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded. If you want to ride in style for a night on the town, Pam’s Pretty Limousines Service is the place to call. From venues such as Lincoln Hall, Double Door, Chicago Theatre and Millennium Park to name but a few, Pam’s Pretty Limousines will get you there in style!

The customer service professionals at Pam’s Pretty Limousines have provided the following list of benefits to hiring a limousine service

• If you happen to be travelling with a large group of people, taking a cab or two is not really a viable option especially if it means separating your party into two groups. Pam’s Pretty Limousines recommends sharing the cost of a limousine service. Costs are reasonable when a group of people all put in together. A limo service is a much more luxurious way to arrive at your destination, not to mention more comfort and space than a cab.
• Navigating an area you are unfamiliar with can be frustrating and there is nothing worse than trying to provide a cab driver with directions. With Pam’s Pretty Limousines, our drivers will get you exactly where you need to go. All you need do is sit back and relax and enjoy!
Pam’s Pretty Limousines and their drivers take pride in the safety standards of our company. Our limousines have a variety of safety features and our drivers are professionals that undergo extensive training and background checks to ensure the safety and security of our passengers.
• Arrive at your next concert in style! Pam’s Pretty Limousines is a great way to make an impression. You will never have to worry about finding a place to park or having to walk great distances to get from one place to another. After the concert your driver will be waiting to whisk you home in the same style that you arrived.
• Limousines have all kinds of built in entertainment for your enjoyment. Radios, Wi-Fi and TV services are available, Pam’s Pretty Limousines also offers complimentary water, soda and beer. Wine and spirits are available upon request. You definitely won’t be bored riding in a limousine.

Professional Concert Limousine

At Pam’s Pretty Limousines, our professional, uniformed chauffeurs drive the best vehicles in town. Our customer service operators invite you to contact us today for more information about our Concert limousines or any of our other limousine services. We have a wide variety of transportation packages, from limousine services for business travelers, tours for vacationers or any kind of special event we will make your occasion something you’ll remember fondly for a lifetime.

If you are a frequent flyer you probably feel that you get sick after every trip. Was it the food, drinks or the airplane flight? Various studies show that airline carriers are often a portal for the common cold. In fact some studies have found that your risk of catching the common cold is as high as 20% or 100 times more likely to be transmitted on a plane than on the ground. Why? The main cause is low cabin humidity – most commercial airlines fly in an elevation 30,000 to 35000 feet. Humidity runs at 10% or lower causing the natural defense system of mucus in our noses to dry up, creating a favorable environment for germs to infect us. Low humidity doesn’t just cause our noses and throats to dry up; it’s also the main cause of dehydration. It is very common to experience dry and scratchy eyes, dry skin, sticky mouth, headache, sunken eyes, breathing problems and constipation (on long international flights).

Deep Vein Thrombosis Causes and Symptoms

One of the most frightening risks of flying is deep vein thrombosis (DVT). DVT is a blood clot that develops as a result of being immobile for a long period of time. VTE (venous thromboembolism) occurs when blood stagnates in your veins when you are seated, VTE leads to DVT and can be painful and cause swelling, heat and redness in the affected area, typically in the lower part of your leg. The condition becomes life threatening if part of the clot breaks off and travels to your lungs. This condition is referred to as a pulmonary embolism and it can be fatal. Since the risk of VTE remains increased for about four weeks after you fly, breaking your flight into shorter ones does not reduce your risk of VTE. In summary the more you fly, the higher the risk. Other factors include weight, height (over 6’3” or under 5’3”), oral contraceptives or blood disorders that increase your clotting tendency.

Jet Lag Causes and Symptoms

For long-haul passengers and frequent flies alike, one of the most irksome side effects is jet lag. Jet lag occurs when your body’s internal clock is disrupted by crossing multiple time zones in a short period of time. Jet lag can be responsible for sleep disorders, digestive distress, and abnormal fatigue during daylight hours, memory problems, headaches, and irritability.

Airplane Ear Barotrauma

For some of us takeoff and landing may cause the gases trapped in our bodies to respectively expand and contract. This change causes a difference between the air pressure in the middle ear and air pressure in the environment. This condition is called airplane ear or ear barotrauma. Symptoms include ear pain, the sensation of a blocked ear, ringing, vertigo and vomiting. Extreme cases may also cause bleeding from the ear and hearing loss.

How to Prevent the Health Impacts of Flying

Sound daunting? Don’t despair because there is a solution – Pam’s Pretty Limousine Service. The next time you have a short domestic flight; hire a limousine service instead. Pam’s Pretty Limousines offers many transportation services to both local residents and visitors of North East Illinois and North West Indiana. Our professional, uniformed chauffeurs will pick you up in any of our first class vehicles and you will arrive at your destination in comfort and style. Contact Pam’s Pretty Limousines today and speak with a customer service professional about our corporate and executive car services.

Most of the time people associate a wedding or the prom when they think about a limousine. There are so many different reasons that you could hire a driver and limousine for. Weddings are a great weekend to have a limousine driver. It can make the day feel special and also take away a lot of the panic of where you put your keys, or how many people will fit. The limousine can also be used the entire weekend for bridal showers, bachelor parties and rehearsal dinners. The prom is a night to remember for many high school students and ensure that the kids have a driver to get them where they need to be without incident. These are not the only reasons to hire a limousine. Pam’s Pretty Limousine will open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities!

Night on the Town Limousine

A night on the town is a great reason to hire a limousine for the evening. This can include a group of friends that are making a night out and would like to all ride together and not worry about the hassle of parking.

Pam’s Pretty Limousines has prepared this quick list of benefits to hiring a limousine for a night on the town

Designated Driver: When you want to spend time out you may end up a dinner or club and have a drink with friends. This is when you are stuck calling a cab and leaving your car to sit overnight. This can all be eliminated by having a limousine driver. You can be sure that when you are ready to leave you will have a driver that is sober and gets you home with no problems.
Bar Hopping or Wine Tasting: You may be new to the area or have a friend or family member that is visiting and you want to check out several hot spots. You don’t have to wait for the next weekend to see another spot, you can have the driver pick you up at the door and take you from one bar to the next. This can make any night much more enjoyable.
If you are ready to enjoy a night and not worry about keys, parking or finding a driver call Pam’s Pretty Limousines today to set up an appointment for your night on the town.

Chicago is home to some of the greatest professional sports teams in the world. So much history is in the heart of Chicago sports and there are few places that have as loyal fans as the city of Chicago. Chicago houses one NBA team, two Major League Baseball teams, a professional hockey team and is home to the famous Chicago Bears. Chicago and the surrounding areas give its residents a large variety of sports events to choose form. Nothing is more fun and entertaining than attending a professional sporting event with your friends or family. Some of the greatest games in history have taken place in the city of Chicago and how wonderful would it feel to be a part of that history.

Limo Transportation to Chicago Bulls NBA Champions Basketball Games at the United Center

The Chicago Bulls are six time NBA champions and team to the greatest basketball player on the planet, Michael Jordan. The Bulls call the United Center their home court and are always a strong competitor in the league. Some of the greatest games in NBA history have been played at the United Center and the Bulls continue to provide basketball fans with a great deal of excitement and entertainment.

Limousine Travel to Chicago Baseball Games: Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field or White Socks at Cellular Field

If you are a baseball fan then you have two venues to choose from, with the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox both calling the city home. The Cubs play their home games at the historic Wrigley Field, while the White Sox call Cellular Field their home. They are both beautiful ball parks that make any baseball game enjoyable.

Limo Transit to Stanley Cup Winners Chicago Blackhawks NHL Hockey Games at United Center

The Chicago Blackhawks have often been called America’s hockey team and are the current champions of the NHL and Stanley Cup. The Chicago Black Hawks call the United Center their home and are always a fierce competitor within the NHL.

Limousine Rides to Chicago Bears Football Games at Soldier Field

The Chicago Bears are a prominent football team within the NFL and play their games at Soldier Field. Going to a Bears game is an exciting experience as Bears fans are some of the most loyal fans within the National Football League.

Professional Limousine Service in Chicago, Illinois

There is no greater way to arrive to a sporting event than in the comfort and style of a limousine. The city of Chicago is a great place to site see on your way to watch your favorite team play. Rolling up to the stadium or arena in a limousine will leave you, your friends and family feeling pretty special. No need to worry about parking, walking a long way to get into the venue or forgetting where you parked your vehicle. Contact Pam’s Pretty Limousines to arrive to your favorite sporting event in style.

Service With A Smile

Event Planning

Whether you want to visit Meyer's Castle for a special party, tourist attractions like The John Hancock Building or Harold Washington Cultural Center, a sporting event or concert at the Chicago United Center or go shopping at Jewelers Row Chicago or Gurnee Mills Mall, you don't want to just show up, you want to show up in style!

Luxury Limousines, Stretch SUVs and Mercedes Benz Party Bus

Our Luxury vehicles arrive with discreet, professional, uniformed chauffeurs, packed with amenities and offer first-class service. You will travel in comfort and style!

All Occasions

Whether you want to arrive comfortable and relaxed to your next business meeting, need to transport a large grout to a convention, travel quickly to and from the airport, create special memories at a loved one's wedding, prom or graduation or let you hair down for a fun night on the town, we've got you covered!

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