There are many parts of a business trip that need to be thought about and not just the flight. After you know where you are going and when; you can start on the planning. More and more people are traveling for work and meetings. Travel tips on what you need to have prepared before you depart will be invaluable. All of these plans and trips can be what catapults you in your career and are investments in your progress in the company you work for. Pam’s Pretty Limousines has made a list of ways to make your trip and plans run more smoothly.
Wi-Fi Flights: If you are booking a flight and they have an option to pay a fee for access to Wi-Fi, you should definitely take advantage of it. It can give you several hours of work on the flight so that you are not having to wait till you get to the hotel to get some items checked off your list.
Contact: The best way to be sure that you know what to do if you run into a problem is to have a single person as your main contact. That person should have access to your itinerary and should be able to make changes for you if needed. This way you don’t need to remember who has car info, flight info and hotel info. It’s all in one convenient place.
Power: Make sure that you have all the chargers that you are going to need on your trip. That can include laptop chargers, cell phone chargers and hot spot adapters. You also want to be sure that you have a good set of headphones that are noise cancelling to make your work in the airport easier to focus on.
Driver: This is a great place to save time. Hire a reliable limousine service to drive you from place to place. You can offer your itinerary to the company with times and locations so that they will be there and waiting during the entire trip. They can also be there to get you at the airport and help with any bags that have come with you. A good transportation company will be able to get you around without you having to stress about parking and finding locations that you need to head to.
Pam’s Pretty Limousines offers these helpful tips to make your travels much easier. Contact us today to book luxury transportation for your next business trip or event.